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Getting Started

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We are pleased that you are considering Joyful Motion as a center for your infant or child to receive therapy. We understand that choosing the right therapy center for your child can be overwhelming, and we want you to be aware that we will try to help your family in any way possible.


Each child must be thoroughly evaluated to develop a personalized plan of care and individualized recommendations. If your child last had an evaluation less than 6 months ago, we can utilize this evaluation, along with re-testing if necessary, to achieve an individualized treatment plan for your child.


Please call (727) 773-2687 to speak with our patient care advocate, who will work with our clinical administrator to determine if our center will meet your child’s needs. This will also ensure a good fit for placement with the most appropriate therapist(s).

The billing advocate will review your coverage and call you to discuss financial arrangements. We do work with out-of-network insurance coverage within the parameters of your insurance policy to seek approval for services. Your child will need a prescription from their physician requesting OT, PT or Speech/language/feeding evaluation. The physician will receive a report with recommendations.


When determined that your child would like to follow through with an appointment, the office will call you within 24 hours, or on the next working day (M-F) to discuss a good evaluation time. The evaluations are usually completed in the morning so your child will perform at their optimal ability. You must have a prescription signed by the child’s physician prior to the evaluation.


The office can mail or email the intake form to be completed and returned, along with the prescription prior to the appointment.


Please arrive a few minutes early to fill out the sensory questionnaire, giving the therapists important information about your child. The therapist(s) will meet you and your child in the waiting room. Infants and small children, especially for PT, are accompanied by their parent(s) into the clinic.

Typically, for OT, most children are evaluated with the therapists by themselves. This is recommended to allow therapists time to achieve a thorough picture of your child without distractions but not a rule. After the therapy evaluation, parents are encouraged, most of the time, to attend sessions, or return 10 minutes early to review the session with the therapist(s) and learn home program activities. The evaluation time allotment is 1 – 2 hours depending on the type of evaluation, the age of the child and the concerns. It will then take the therapists up to 10 days to score the test and complete a written evaluation tailored to your child’s individual program and recommendations. Physical therapy often can be completed more quickly.


Once the evaluation is complete, there will be a results meeting to go over all the testing and the recommendations. This meeting will be without the child present. This can be completed in the clinic or on Zoom, if necessary. The therapists will answer all questions and discuss findings as well as plan recommendations.