My experience at Joyful Motion has not only changed my life. It granted me a future.
When I started at 12 years old, I couldn’t function anywhere, not even at home; I was in a state of constant fight or flight, hiding under the table in school or running out of the classroom; I wouldn’t talk to anyone; and to be honest, I was destined to live my life in either a care facility or an institution.

From small steps back to the furthest leaps forward, the staff here stuck with me and gave my parents hope that I would not only function, but succeed. After years of dedication and care from Ms. Gigi and Joyful motion, I improved, I overcame, and I exceeded all expectations by hundreds of miles.

Now, at age 18, I make friends on my own, can easily communicate with others, am graduating high school with an associate’s degree, and I have a future far brighter than my parents would have ever imagined.
There is no better therapy center out there for comprehensive care for your child than Joyful Motion.
When we brought Wyatt over 3 years ago for what we thought was just a simple speech delay, we had no idea what to expect and where to go from there. Joie and team helped us navigate evaluations, diagnosis, and care plans so we thoroughly understood the best path for Wyatt. They tailor their approach for each child, not the diagnosis. Wyatt not only had a speech delay, but was also diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder.

They helped us understand what that meant and how early intervention would better prepare him for life ahead. By coordinating therapies he was treated in all areas together to help him learn and develop more thoroughly. Wyatt made immediate strides and is now a completely different kid than he was when we started. Although he will continue to need therapy, we now know how to better support him at home and he can learn and grow more independently. He is set up for success in life because of Joyful Motion's patient, knowledgeable, and supportive therapists.

We are forever grateful for how they loved and cared for him like one of their own children. He would not be where he is today without them. Joie and her team work with your insurance to try to do whatever it takes to get children treated. We are very supportive of their mission of now going non profit so they can begin to gives all children an equal chance to thrive.
Leah & Rush Roberts