Joyful Motion is a teaching clinic. We often host graduate and doctoral students in their final fieldworks prior to taking their boards and becoming licensed therapists. This allows us to share our knowledge to the next generation of therapists and ensure that these therapists are as dedicated to making a difference as we are. All students are trained and supervised using a 1:1 model and are required to uphold the same standards and compassion as any of the Joyful Motion therapists. We also occasionally allow volunteers to assist with duties around the office and observe therapists for school credit. It is important that anyone looking into completing a fieldwork or volunteer position here at Joyful Motion demonstrate the following qualities:

– LOVE working with children
– Creative
– Initiation
– Able to work well in a busy environment
– Can multi-task well
– Punctuality
– Ability to go ABOVE AND BEYOND.

If you are interested in volunteering or completing a fieldwork at Joyful Motion, please email Gigi at joyfulmotion@msn.com