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Intensive Therapy

JOYFUL MOTION offers intensive therapy, on a limited basis, to give your child the challenge to move beyond the realm of where they are currently functioning. More specifically, it is physical, occupational, speech and/or feeding therapy services, often combined with CranioSacral Therapy, Metronome and/or Aquatic Therapy on a concentrated basis, depending upon your child’s needs. Children are treated 3-4 hours per day for one to three weeks, depending upon their specific, individual goals and the program set for them.

WHO CAN BENEFIT FROM INTENSIVE THERAPY? Any child with a neurologically based diagnosis, including acquired brain injury, autism, sensory processing disorder, academic challenges and difficulties with school, Down syndrome, spina bifida and other developmental disorders. Typically, these are local children or those who are already enrolled with Joyful Motion.

HOW DO WE FIT THIS INTO OUR REGULAR DAY? Often, children can be seen over the summer for intensives. Insurance may approve them to have increased therapy for 1 -3 weeks and then a break for 1-4 weeks, allowing them to work very hard for a time period and then to have a nice break for the family to travel or plan days without therapy interruption. Parents are given a home program to fit into their normal daily activities.

We also offer Tomatis Listening program which is 2 hours per day for 10 days with a 3–4-week break, followed by two 7-day sessions with a 2-week break between.

For more information regarding any intensive program, please request information from the front desk (727) 773-2687.

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